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DJ Snake & Selena Gomez unleash second collaboration ‘Selfish Love’: Listen

In an announcement that surprised and excited the music community, it was announced that DJ Snake and Selena Gomez would be teaming up again for their second collaboration. Their first collaboration as everyone knows was the widely successful commercial hit ‘Taki Taki’ along with Ozuna and Cardi B, which dominated the charts and radio stations for months on end. ‘Selfish Love’, DJ Snake and Selena Gomez’s second track together, is set out to achieve everything that ‘Taki Taki’ did and more.

‘Selfish Love’, chosen as the third single from Selena Gomez’s upcoming EP Revelación’, has only been out into the world for a few days but it is already dominating the world. Being chosen by fans as Billboard‘s favourite new music release of the past week, the bilingual hit is already making massive waves. Speaking of the single, DJ Snake says:

“With the whole world being separated from each other I kept looking and working only on pure good vibes. I wanted to make music for the world and mix all my favorite influences of Afro Beat, Latin music, something that felt grounded and organic. Selena and I had been talking and after ‘Taki Taki’ we had to give the world another round with fresh summer vibes. Something that made it feel like summer the first time you heard it. ‘Selfish Love’ came very naturally for us and I think it’s the perfect evolution for our history together.”

Packed to the brim with tropical, fresh vibes, ‘Selfish Love’ will be this year’s essential summer anthem. Showcasing the side of DJ Snake’s production abilities that appeals to the pop-loving fanbase that he has acquired over the years, the anthem is bold, sultry and fun-loving. To accompany the single, a 70’s inspired music video has been released, directed by award-winning filmmaker Rodrigo Saavedra. Depicting Selena Gomez working in a house of mirrors depicted as a hair salon, the music video tells a story that is impossible to look away from.

You can watch the music video below, and stream the single by DJ Snake and Selena Gomez here.


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