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Eli Brown releases invigorating new EP ‘Escape’: Listen

United Kingdom-based DJ and producer Eli Brown has been a pioneer in the industry since exploding onto the scene back in 2016. Collaborating with electronic superstars with the likes of Calvin Harris under his Love Regenerator alias on the two-track EP ‘Moving’ last year, Eli Brown has fully established himself as a powerhouse with his work. With his incredible portfolio of music, fans and listeners alike are always anticipating new releases, such as his brand new electrifying EP titled ‘Escape’, released today.

The three-track EP is extremely tech-house heavy, with every song bringing the energy we’ve all come to love about an Eli Brown track. Each song is totally indistinguishable and unique from the next, however, is perfectly crafted to provide an EP with synergy. The first track is also titled ‘Escape’ and serves as the perfect opener to the EP, with invigorating beats in its production and intense build-ups and drops, the track is guaranteed to get the listener moving and eager to hear the rest of the EP. Track two is titled ‘Morning Light’ and upholds the energy from the first, featuring euphoric inducing vocal chops, deserving to be heard on dancefloors around the world. The final track ‘My House’ brings a tech-house track with a groovy spin. The track was made for festivals, with its catchy lyrics and vocals that listeners will for sure have stuck in their head for days.

Eli Brown’s ‘Escape’ EP is one that should not be missed by any techno or tech-house fan. Releasing on Insomniac’s Factory 93 records, the newly launched label dedicated to bringing the best in techno, house, and underground sounds, make sure you check out the full EP for yourself on Spotify below.


Image credit: Eli Brown (via Twitter)

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