Eric Prydz Holosphere production taken off Creamfields line-up

Eric Prydz Holosphere set has seemingly been removed from the Creamfields 2021 line-up this week, meaning fans might be without the opportunity to see the unprecedented production this summer.

Despite the removal of the ‘Holosphere’ aspect from the lineup, the 44-year-old Swede still appears on the roster meaning fans may still be able to see him perform, just perhaps not with the same level of production that he has dazzled the Daresbury contingent with in previous years of the festival.

Originally spotted by a fan on Reddit, it appears this change might have been made with good reason. This summer, not only did he promise to bring the stunning hologram show to Creamfields, but he had also announced that it would be arriving in Belgium for the world-famous Tomorrowland festival. With Tomorrowland’s organisers in talks to potentially reschedule this years event to the same weekend as the UK festival, getting the technology from one place to another could pose logistical issues, hence its removal from the Creamfields line-up.

That being said, this is currently only speculation as no official announcement has yet been made by Eric Prydz or from Creamfields on the future of the Holosphere show. There has also recently been contradicting news, however, that Tomorrowland has been rescheduled to late September as NERVO supposedly revealed the new dates in an interview. We’ll update you with more news on the situation as we get it.

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