Eric Prydz Holosphere

Eric Prydz Holosphere shows officially postponed to 2022

Bad news has come in for fans of Eric Prydz‘s fantastic and surreal Holosphere show. According to the official announcement released, the shows will not take place this year, having been moved to 2022. This will be one of the few postponement announcements that were not caused by the contingencies of the pandemic, at least directly.

Prydz was to present Holosphere at two of the most anticipated events for festivalgoers this year: Tomorrowland and Creamfields. This mesmerising audio-visual production is fantastic, powerful, mindblowing, but not ubiquitous. Following the recent date change for the 2021 edition of Tomorrowland, which made Weekend Two coincide with Creamfields, the Prydz team came to the conclusion that it would be logistically impossible to move the structure between the two events.

This scheduling problem could be solved if they opted for just one of the events, but Prydz, together with the organisation of both festivals, made the most reasonable decision for everyone and postponed it to 2022. The Holosphere show was part of the programme for both festivals in 2020, which had to be postponed to this year. Unfortunately, due to these issues, fans will have to wait another year to experience Prydz’s revolutionary masterpiece. In the press statement we can read:

‘Due to Tomorrowland announcing they are moving to the same weekend as Creamfields, it is now impossible for Eric’s team to transport and build the Holosphere in time to play both festivals (…) As Creamfields and Tomorrowland are both equally invested in Holosphere, a mutual decision to move the shows to 2022 has been reluctantly taken.’

In 2019, after the memorable success of the show at Weekend One of Tomorrowland, Prydz’s Holosphere caused a huge disappointment for fans. During the installation of the massive structure that brings the show to life for the second time, the Freedom Stage collapsed, leaving Weekend Two attendees heartbroken. To experience the Holosphere show again seems like a mirage after this succession of unforeseen events, however, we hope to have it back in 2022.


Image Credits: Eric Prydz (via Facebook), Tomorrowland (via Facebook)