Flashback to Swedish House Mafia’s reunion at Ultra 2018

Three years ago, the electronic music community watched in wonder as Swedish House Mafia reunited at Ultra Music Festival 2018. After the group disbanded in 2013 on that very same stage, fans had been desperately looking for any signs that the trio would make a comeback. But for many years, it seemed that this day would never come. By 2018, many had lost hope, believing that Swedish House Mafia would never perform live together again. But all of this changed on the final night of Ultra Music Festival, when Swedish House Mafia took to the stage, shocking and delighting the world with a comeback set that encompassed their classic sound while delving into a brand new production realm.

Their new sound, a dark, gritty style of electronic music that rippled through the crowd like an effervescent wave, was the foundation of a brand new chapter for the trio. This was the comeback that everyone had been waiting for, and many couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched it unfold. Teased in the days prior through posters and mysterious social media posts, Swedish House Mafia’s reunion was the biggest news story that the industry had seen in years. From there, the trio went on to perform shows around the world, notably performing for three consecutive nights at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.

More recently, talk about the Swedish trio has centred around the release of new music. Ever since their series of live performances, fans have been crying out for the release of ‘Underneath It All’, amongst other fresh IDs. In recent weeks, rumours have been reignited, as the trio were pictured together, allegedly back in the studio, according to posts from their team. Upon the release of these posts, many have predicted that a new album may finally be incoming. As yet, there has been no official confirmation, but with the Swedish House Mafia, there’s usually no smoke without fire.

Image credit: Ultra Music Festival

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