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Flux Pavilion remixes Whethan and Grouplove collaboration ‘Upside Down’: Listen

Flux Pavilion and Whethan aren’t strangers to working together. Released in 2016, their collaborative song Savage‘ with MAX on vocals hit the electronic music industry and soared to popularity, proving that they were a match made in heaven. Excitingly, they are coming together again and this time it’s in the form of a remix. Flux Pavilion has been put on remix duties for Whethan’s Grouplove collaboration ‘Upside Down’, a track that was part of his debut album ‘Fantasy’, released in October of 2020.

Whethan isn’t the only one who has released an album lately, either. Flux Pavilion made his depart from dubstep more evidently in his January 2021 album .wav, showcasing a different side to his production abilities. His Whethan and Grouplove remix follows this masterpiece, and follows in the style that was injected into the tracks on ‘.wav’.

Flux opts for a more melodic, chillwave style with his take on ‘Upside Down’. Featuring the dreamy, guitar-based sound that he has adopted over the years and turned it into his own, it pairs together like a match made in heaven with the vocals of Grouplove’s lead vocalists Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi. The perfect remix to relax to, Flux has knocked this one out of the park and has completely turned the original track on its head.

Evident that he is no longer a dubstep person, as he has previously stated on his Twitter account, you can listen to Flux Pavilion’s remix of Whethan and Grouplove’s ‘Upside Down’ below.

Image credits: Flux Pavilion (via Facebook), Whethan (via press)

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