Oliver Heldens & Reinier Zonneveld

HI-LO and Reinier Zonneveld team up for explosive track ‘Saw of Olympus’: Listen

Donning his moniker HI-LO once again, Oliver Heldens is here to bring one of the most interesting collaborations to the dance music scene this year. Teaming up with techno legend Reinier Zonneveld, the pair are here to join the mainstream and underground worlds together in an incredible fashion. So how did the two artists end up crossing paths? The story goes that Heldens reached out to Zonneveld on Instagram, showing him some new HI-LO projects. After this, they met up in the studio for some long sessions where multiple tracks were born, and one of those tracks is ‘Saw of Olympus’.

Speaking of the track, Heldens states:

“Over the last few years I’ve become a big fan of Reinier’s productions, his style and his label Filth on Acid, so a few months ago I sent him a couple of new HI-LO ideas that I was working on and he was really into them, so he invited me to his studio to work on some of these together. In the studio we were a really good match, it was very inspiring for the both of us, and I definitely learned a lot from him. We ended up doing multiple studio sessions and we are working on a few different tracks together now which I’m really excited about!This new track ‘Saw of Olympus’ is the first one that we finished. We called it ‘Saw of Olympus’, because the track has a very distinctive Saw synth, a real “Saw of the Gods”, continuing the Greek god theme of my latest HI-LO releases ‘Athena’, ‘Kronos’, ‘Zeus’ and ‘Poseidon’.”

Due to take the techno world by storm, this acidic whirlwind of a track shows exactly what Heldens’ alias is all about, and the team of both HI-LO and Reinier Zonneveld is a match made in heaven. At its core, it is relentless, acidic and pulls no punches. Dynamic, it is incredibly powerful and distinctive, setting it apart from any other track and ready to set the dance floor alight.

This isn’t the last time we will hear from HI-LO and Reinier Zonneveld, and you can hear their first collaboration ‘Saw of Olympus’ below, out via Zonneveld’s label Filth on Acid.


Image Credit: Oliver Heldens (via Press), Reinier Zonneveld (via Facebook)

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