Jeffrey Sutorius

Jeffery Sutorius must relinquish Dash Berlin name

It’s a long-term legal dispute that stretches back years – Jeffery Sutorius first split from trance music group Dash Berlin in June 2018, before later announcing he’d be returning to use the Dash Berlin name as a solo project in a rather complex situation that at times was hard to keep track of. Now, in a message posted on his social media profiles, he’s announced that he must relinquish the name Dash Berlin once again, and can no longer use it for any of his output.

The story of Dash Berlin begins in 2006 when the group was originally a duo made up of Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn, who had previously worked under the alias Pronti & Kalmani and were also the duo behind 90s dance group Alice Deejay. Jeffery Sutorius was recruited by the pair after their single Till The Sky Falls Down’ achieved major success, ostensibly as a frontman and live DJ. Having become known as the “face” of the group, many since assumed Sutorius was simply Dash Berlin acting as a solo project.

The legal battle is complicated, and the latest news seems especially odd as Kalberg and Molijn decided to retire their use of the Dash Berlin name back in 2019, hence Sutorius being allowed to use it again. In his statement, Jeffery states that it “feels unfair” but that he will “accept and deal with it”.

From now on, he will continue to produce and perform under his own name Jeffrey Sutorius and has already registered official social media accounts to match. He also states he has new music, and “cannot wait until the entire world will reopen post-Covid” so he can share it with us, and invites people to follow him on his new channels.

Image credit: press