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Kölsch hypnotises with new album ‘Isopolis’: a lockdown audio diary

Kölsch has just shared with the world a new album entitled ‘Isopolis‘. This refined work of art spans eight classy tracks, offering a magical journey of around 30 minutes. Released last Friday via IPSO – the Danish maestro’s imprint – this album is another clear example of Kölsch’s mastery.

The previous album Now Here No Where dates back to September 2020 and presented itself as a biography of the feelings experienced last year and the producer’s mental challenges. Filled with deeply trippy melodies, the album brought hope and reflection. Continuing with the cinematic sounds that so well characterise the artist in the hat, Kölsch’s new studio work is elegantly dark being, as he himself categorised it, an audio diary of a city in lockdown. This artist’s music is always loaded with a lot of meaning and emotion. Kölsch has a gift for communicating through sound, awakening all the listeners’ senses through music. All over the world, a year of isolation is marked. It was a year of silence, of solitude, of empty streets and faceless faces. All these are feelings common to thousands of people and which Kölsch has managed to translate in an elegant and refined way, building an album in the form of a diary of emotions.

The invitation is to close your eyes and listen to the soundtrack of the lived. There is room for crying, for smiles, for nostalgia, for loneliness, for feeling again and reliving the effects of the lockdown. This sonic footbridge is extremely well designed, giving, track by track, different energies that make perfect sense as a whole. It’s a sober, meticulous album produced with the precision of a surgeon.

Moving Hands’ and ‘Cisterner‘ are two tracks produced with Mike Sheridan, a Danish artist, already with a well-defined path in electronic music. They are two very different tracks that combine the strengths of these two Danish producers perfectly. The other collaborative track on the album is ‘Closer’ featuring the talented British artist Lunar June. ‘Closer’ is a love letter to closeness, written through hypnotic and evocative vocals, masterfully paired with a heavenly melody and a catchy beat. This is one of those songs that gets stuck in the mind. ‘Copenhill‘ and ‘Awake‘ are extremely cinematic, aggregating a paraphernalia of sounds, from the rawest to the most organic, as if giving voice to the quotidian noises devoid of people’s routines. ‘Eternal‘ is a track worth highlighting. The piano is phenomenal and emotive, resonating from the inside out. The organic sound of the keys contrasts vividly with the synths, in a melancholic and enchanted dispute. ‘Isopolis‘ – the song that gives the album its name – is very distinct from the others. Its composition is less minimalist, more rhythmic, warmer, with sounds that seem to whisper in the ear. ‘Atreyu‘ is the last track on the album and comes to us as Kölsch’s identity card, emanating the signature sounds and musical DNA of this accomplished producer.

It’s hard to do justice to this new album from Kölsch in words. Listen to the eight brilliant tracks from ‘Isopolis’ below:


Image Credit: Tomorrowland