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Mantrastic & Rechler release new single ‘Groove On’: Listen

Mantrastic & Rechler are two of the biggest shining stars that have graced the electronic music industry lately. The powerhouse duo have released many singles together, getting attention from the likes of Nicky Romero with numerous Protocol releases and also David Guetta, adding a remix that they did for MR.BLACK and Offer Nissim track ‘Mucho Bien’ to his Spotify playlist. Fast rising in the ranks to become true superstars, they have excitingly released another single together on Protocol, titled ‘Groove On’.

As the title suggests, this track wants listeners to ‘Groove On’, and it’s impossible not to groove along to this funky track. Matan Ben Chetrit, who makes up the Mantrastic side of the duo, goes into detail about the inspiration behind the track and production:

“Groove On” continues our signature sound and groove-house space, but with more of a grungy loose approach and clubby vibe. The drop was produced using our question-answer method of writing a main bassline and then writing counters to it, this way we always make sure our vibe is groovy! We love to find weird textures and sound hits to make it truly unique, disco shots, piano shots, and digital synths combined with layers of airy instruments, for example in the drop there’s a hidden piano which isn’t coming out in the mix a lot, but adds a lot of groove and brings life together with everything. We usually love to write summer-ish breakdowns and pianos but this time we kinda wrote a suspense atmosphere behind the pianos with a moving bassline, coming up and down, works really nice with the melody and vocal.”

A track that will certainly put that feel-good summer feeling straight into your heart, expect to have this one on repeat for the coming months. The addictive melody will leave a lasting impression, and is a perfect introductory track to those that will want to discover more about the duo after listening to it.

‘Groove On’ is out now via Protocol, and you can listen to it below. Don’t forget to discover other brilliant tracks of theirs here.

Image Credit: Mantrastic & Rechler / Protocol Recordings

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