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Nero break 2-year hiatus with stunning Daft Punk ‘Emotion’ edit

There are some news stories that are doubly amazing by their nature. This is one of them. Legendary electronic group Nero break their silence after two years without sharing any music of their own and the track that marks their long-awaited return is a stunning remix of Daft Punk‘s classic ‘Emotion‘.

The recent news of the breakup of the iconic duo Daft Punk was received with huge shock by the whole community and seems to have served as a trigger for the resurgence of Nero. The announcement of this brand-new remix was made on the group’s social media via a heartfelt and meaningful post. Nero thanked the unquestionable mark that the French duo carved in music history and returned the inspiration by offering this exclusive remix.


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Available exclusively via Audius, the remix of ‘Emotion’ keeps Daft Punk’s musical identity intact and displays the vibrant dubstep sound of Nero. If dubstep and nu-disco had a baby, the result would be this remix. It’s a wonderful tango that plays with tempos, oscillating between half and double-time, offering a powerful and emotive cadence. Maintaining the backbone of the original work, Nero have brightened up ‘Emotion’ with sparkling chords shrouded in pulsating arpeggios, letting the duo’s robotic vocoders lead the way. It’s undoubtedly a beautiful tribute, full of emotions.

The post that served as the announcement of this fabulous remix was signed with the indication (1/5) leaving in the air that there is much more news to come. What will be the remaining 4 parts that Nero has in store for fans? Followers would certainly like it to be an album, but the bets are on a succession of new songs that come as a celebration of 10 years of Nero’s seminal debut album ‘Welcome Reality’. All we have to do is stay tuned.

Listen below to this heartfelt unofficial edit from Nero:


Image Credits: Daft Punk (via Epilogue/YouTube), NERO (Press)