Underground Party, Rave

(Re)Treat three-day festival will take place in a cave

Hanoi club Savage is hosting a three-day event in Mai Chau, a Vietnamese northern town. The mini-festival is scheduled for April 2 to 5 and it’s the first party that Savage has ever hosted outside its venue.

Savage is a five-year-old club located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The club represents the epicentre of the underground Hanoi scene and has been a key player in the development of dance culture in the Vietnamese capital. Savage was the city’s first underground electronic music club and embodies diversity, creativity, acceptance, expression and freedom.

(Re)Treat is the name of the event that will take the Savage spirit out of doors. The festival will take place near Mai Chau Lodge and will unfold on two distinct stages: one outdoor field during the day and a second inside a natural cave for the night. Ouissam, Savage cofounder has recently performed in this cave, having already proven its potential. As for the line-up, it showcases 21 acts in total. Savage residents Ouissam, Zwi and Di Linh are must-sees and will be joined by several Hanoi-based artists such as Njuns, TrinhNu and Teodora Van Context.

Hanoi venue has been closed since February due to pandemic restriction, but the reopening is planned for this week. For 2022, the Savage club plans to host the edition of Equation Festival. For more information on the three-day festival (Re)Treat, visit the event official page.


Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash