Paarti: the brand new livestream platform looking to change the game

Right now, livestreams are our only hope of seeing our favourite DJs and going to our favourite festivals as the world still prepares for normality. Livestreams have been our saviours during these dark times, and there is one platform looking to change the game and revolutionise live streaming forever. Enter Paarti. The team behind this unique concept are from Ibiza, and definitely know the importance of a good party.

Paarti is a brand new streaming and social media platform, looking to enable a deeper social experience than anything we’ve seen before, making all those special in-person interactions at events possible on the digital space. Using revolutionary technology, you can once again get those human experiences that you have been craving, and it’s all thanks to Paarti. Participants can gain real-life human connections, as well as buy each other drinks, talk to artists and much more. For artists, it also offers a new way to monetise their online performances, and connect with fans in a unique way.

Raluca Cherciu, the CEO, states the following:

“At Paarti, we believe the best live performances and events are more than music. They’re about connecting, sharing, finding joy in the moment — surrounded by the power and energy of all the people around us. We are launching a new kind of platform kicking off with a historic event that brings together some of the biggest names in music, in support of music heroes. With the world’s most inclusive, engaged audience we are committed to give music lovers, artists, and industry players a more meaningful, more magical way to celebrate live music and the human connections it empowers. Because at Paarti, live isn’t just an in-the-moment experience — it’s the unforgettable connections that last long after the house lights come up.”

To celebrate, the platform is throwing a 48 hour livestream event called THE BEAT GOES LIVE, which will feature iconic music venues, taking place from March 19-21. Ticket proceeds and donations during the event (which are accepted in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as local currencies) will go to Music Heroes. Music Heroes is an initiative which is supporting venues, promoters, artists, music related charities and organisations. For THE BEAT GOES LIVE, venues from all over the world such as Privilege Ibiza, London’s EggCavo Paradiso in Mykonos, Greece, H0L0 in New York, Tokyo’s Super Dommune and more will all join forces to help save the live music scene from collapse. Not only this, but they’ve got a superstar DJ lineup featuring the likes of 3LAUSeth Troxler, Umek and more. For just $6.00, you can join in on the fun too. To promote donations, they will also be dropped exclusive NFTs for top donors at the event, so keep your eye out!

To find out more about Paarti and THE BEAT GOES LIVE, and to join, visit their website.

Image credit: Paarti

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