Porter Robinson at Hard Summer Music Festival 2016

Porter Robinson unveils music video for latest single ‘Musician’: Watch

Musician‘ by Porter Robinson was unveiled not long ago, and it serves to be the very last single from upcoming album ‘Nurture’ before the full piece drops next month, April 23. ‘Musician’ followed a different style than the previous singles, and is Porter’s way of allowing himself to ‘just have fun’, stating himself on his Twitter account that he had an early rule to stick to during the production process of ‘Nurture’, which was “no supersaws no 808 subs no classic breakbeats”. ‘Musician’ breaks free from those boundaries, and is a stand-out track on the album even without hearing the other tracks yet. Now, much like the other singles, ‘Musician’ gets its music video treatment.

Taking it into the anime-style world much like the music video and short film for Madeon collaboration ‘Shelter’, Porter Robinson teams up with animators Dokai Asukarui, Ono Hokuto, Oyama Aiko, Sakai Hiroshi, Nishimura Fukutaro and Ryoko K. (Shatter) to create an animated story set to ‘Musician’. Directed by Waboku and Mah, this is reminiscent of his love for Japanese culture and the style of anime.

The video tells a story of a boy looking to pursue his passion for music at the risk of being outcast from society, and is a simplistic story yet one that cuts deep, evoking powerful emotions within anyone who watches it. Inspiring budding musicians to carry on producing and to go for their goals, ‘Musician’ is an upbeat yet important track.

You can watch the music video for ‘Musician’ below, and make sure to pre-order the ‘Nurture’ album here.



Image Credit: Rukes.com


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