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Portuguese Prime Minister confirms large outdoor events from May 3

The Portuguese Government has announced yesterday the measures to ease lockdown in the country. The plan presented will take place between March 15 and May 3. In a process planned to be very gradual, large outdoor events with reduced capacity are expected to take place from May. These measures will be subject to biweekly assessments based on the evolution of the pandemic and transmissibility index.

As the epidemiological situation seems to improve in some countries, confirmation of festivals, parties and live music events has been growing. Although all announcements come with the caveat that events can only take place if the pandemic situation at the time is favourable, all good news is welcome. Spring is coming and ravers already have their eyes on summer and the possibility to participate in all events available before then.

In Portugal, since yesterday at the end of the day, promoters and festival goers can breathe some relief with the presentation of this plan that foresees a resumption of the events already in May. It is worth remembering that since March 2020 the entertainment and show business sector has been completely paralysed, facing serious problems of financial sustainability. Although other events like Primavera Sound have already been postponed for next year, there is still much hope that Portugal will host major music events. The country will receive the dazzling kineticLOVE stage at Praia da Rocha for the first time, as host of the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Europe 2021. The event is set for June 18, 19 and 20 and the good news about big events makes these three days of pure partying more possible.

Rejoice, albeit in some moderation, and stay tuned for further developments.


Image Credit: Matt Winklemeyer for Insomniac Events