Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin releases soundtrack for Prada under Plastikman alias

If you’ve been keeping up with movements of British-born and Canadian-raised Richie Hawtin, you’ll know that the talented producer has been working alongside luxury fashion brand Prada, under his alias Plastikman; which originally launched in the 90s. While more recent years have been quiet for the alias, Plastikman returned in 2020, debuting new music during Milan Fashion Week to which he soundtracked Prada’s Fall/Winter Menswear presentation. With the fashion/music crossover proving hugely popular, Plastikman returned once again to provide addictive soundscapes for Prada’s Spring/Summer 2021 Womenswear show. Now, the unique sounds that brought Prada’s fashion shows to life have been released by the techno pioneer and they’re ready to be enjoyed by fans.

In the Techno realm, Hawtin commands huge respect from fellow peers thanks to his impeccable production abilities that allow him to push the genre’s boundaries and produce music in a truly unique way. So it’s no surprise that each production featured in Prada’s shows was anything short of spectacular. Narkosis / Spektre is a shining example of this very notion, Hawtin weaves his production in a way that resonates with your mind, causing you to evaluate each sound with such high detail. If you’ve not had a chance to already, we highly recommend checking out this music.

Throughout his active years, Richie Hawtin has been at the forefront of the Techno genre and proved he’s one of electronic music’s most talented artists. He’s built up an extensive catalog of tracks that have become synonymous with the mainstage and underground scene in the dance music community. Just recently, the artist held his first talk on social site Clubhouse where he joined up with Crucible to talk about subcultures. If you’re ready to enjoy the articulate soundscapes of Plastikman, check out Narkosis / Spektre below and let us know what you think about this stunning production.



Image Credit: Richie Hawtin / Provided by Beatport