Sasha is releasing ‘LUZoSCURA’, a compilation mix based on his lockdown playlist

Sasha has prepared a 21-track downtempo compilation inspired on ‘LUZoSCURA’, the Spotify playlist that the artist shared months ago as a lockdown soundtrack. The compilation was designed to be a DJ set to savour at home, full of ambient and sonic sounds, downtempo breaks, techno beats and electronic melodies, bringing all these versatilities together in a flowing and enjoyable mix. The announcement of the release of the mix arrives accompanied by a fresh new single by Sasha.

The Welsh DJ and music producer is also nicknamed the king of the mix album, having a gift for collecting sensations in music form. However, in ‘LUZoSCURA’ we find a completely different sound from the one Sasha has used us to. The compilation contains a sound inspired by the quarantine and lockdown we have been forced into in the last year. Sasha, like so many other artists, has seen his inspiration and energy completely modified in these difficult times, something that is directly reflected in his creative work. Unlike his previous dancefloor-oriented works, he now presents us with something to enjoy at home, away from the frantic dancefloor lights. About this, Sasha states:

‘The playlist thrived during lockdown (…) For the first time in over 20 years I had no reference point for banging club music, so I gravitated towards the LUZoSCURA playlist. I threw more energy into curating it because the sound felt right for that time, and I quickly realized I wanted to make some of my own music with this theme.’

‘LUZoSCURA’ includes two exclusive tracks by Sasha, designed for this purpose, and the first one was already released this week. ‘HNDI‘ is Sasha’s first track we know from this compilation and it’s a perfect sample of the mood we’ll find in the 21-track work. ‘HNDI’ is full of serene yet restless energy, embodying the silence of the streets and the restlessness that has been dwelling inside everyone. It’s soft and hard at the same time, featuring minimal percussion, bright synths and a silky melody. Sasha explains the creative process:

‘During the first lockdown my basement studio became quite an escape for me. I had many late night intense creative writing sessions, sometimes putting 10 ideas down in one night. ‘HNDI’ and ‘Corner Shop’ both came from a night like that.’

Besides his original work, Sasha chose for this compilation many other artists, like QRTR, BAILE, Alex Banks, lau.ra, Rival Consoles, MJ Cole. In order to deliver a completely unique sound, he turned to artists outside his usual range:

‘The compilation process was an amazing experience in connecting with newer, budding artists I wouldn’t normally receive music from. From this new project, I want people to be ready for something beyond the 4 X 4 kick drum, something which goes in different directions. Mixing it was quite different to the standard progression that I’m used to when I DJ because the beauty of the ‘LUZoSCURA’ sound is that it jumps between breakbeat to melodic to ambient, yet it still flows.’

The next singles from this compilation to be unveiled will be from MJ Cole and lau.ra, which will be released on April 14. ‘LUZoSCURA’ mix will be released on May 7 via Sacha’s new imprint Alkaane, in collaboration with !K7. This melodic masterpiece is already available to pre-order and will arrive in both mixed and unmixed formats, on CD, digital and a limited edition deluxe purple marble and poster boxset.

Pre-order your copy here now and be delighted with this single from Sacha below:

Image Credit: Jimmy Mould