Scott The Pisces

Scott the Pisces delivers brilliant debut EP ‘Ocean Blue’: Listen

Scott the Pisces just released his debut ep ‘Ocean Blue’, available to stream on all platforms.

Britain‘s rising star Scott the Pisces (formerly known as Spectrum) debuts a fresh and summer-inspired EP.  The EP consists of five pop-infused tracks with features from Aleesia, Ria Choony, K.O., and others to bring forth a nostalgic take on the feeling of being young, wild, and free.  From start to finish, the entirety of ‘Ocean Blue’ was composed by Scott the Pisces, including the emotional lyrics being sung by his features. Additionally, ‘Ocean Blue’ is completely copyright-free for all creatives, meaning, all vloggers and content creators are entitled to using the EP within their projects, completely free of charge, so expect to hear much more of this EP nuzzled within other videos across the internet, as this EP gives us a new insight for the sounds of the summer.

The production of ‘Ocean Blue’ across the five tracks is a refreshing take on pop music, essentially turning it on its head.  There are clear influences of other genres and artists, but Scott the Pisces paves a way for himself and creates his own niche sub-genre in addition to the perfect track to blast in the car with friends.

Listen to ‘Ocean Blue’ below:

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Image Credit: Scott The Pisces (Press)