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Steve Aoki set to sell NFT art collection

If you’re heavily into the new trends, you’ll have heard of NFT. What exactly is NFT? Also known as Non-fungible token, it is the latest trend for artists to sell one-off, limited edition merchandise in the form of artwork. Although they first hit the headlines in 2017, the explosion has been massive as of late. Platforms like Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Foundation and Zora are the hottest place for NFTs, or ‘crypto art’, and are allowing artists to gain a crazy amount of money for one piece of artwork, digital animation or video in the form of a unique digital token through a blockchain. For example, singer Grimes recently made a staggering $6 million off a limited digital art collection not long ago. Electronic artists are also getting in on the trend, such as Feed Me and 3LAU who sold a record-breaking $3.6 million for the first-ever tokenised album. Now, Steve Aoki is getting in on it.

Steve Aoki will be auctioning an art collection titled ‘DREAM CATCHER’. The audiovisual artwork will be sold on Nifty Gateway, through auction and direct purchase. Arriving to the platform on Sunday March 7 at 2PM EST, Aoki has teamed up with world class 3D illustrator Antoni Tudisco to create 11 pieces. Speaking more of the drop and what it will entail, a press release stated the following:

‘The 3-part drop encompasses 1 limited edition piece available via a 23-hour auction, 2 open edition works available for purchase during a 5 minute window, and 8 items available for purchase through packs while supplies last. The rare 1 of 1 auction piece and several of the pack pieces come with a 7” physical Infinite Object, a permanently treated display case that loops indefinitely, never changing– bringing the digital world to the physical world through a unique counterpart.’

A teaser of the first piece in the collection is available below. Visit Nifty Gateway here and get ready to be fast if you want to grab a piece of this collection.

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