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Sydney sees the lift of dancing and singing restrictions on nightclubs and pubs

In Sydney, Australia, a bright light of hope is shining as the city starts to see its return to normality in the form of pubs and nightclubs. From March 29, partygoers can sing and dance in pubs and nightclubs again.

Across NSW (New South Wales), dancing and singing restrictions will be lifted to bring back the lively atmosphere that we all know clubs and pubs to carry. Including this, all venues are to move towards the one person per 2 square meters rule, where venues will allow at least 25 people before this rule has to be put into place, to ensure proper social distancing is being practised.

In a press conference, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian stated that now was the right time to lift these restrictions, with no new Covid-19 cases being recorded 24 hours before this conference took place on Wednesday. She stated:

“These easing of restrictions will only work if all of us stay COVIDSafe. What does that mean? It means good social distancing, most importantly, it means registering QR codes wherever we go. That is the key to our success. If there is an outbreak and we can’t identify all the people in a particular venue, we will be having to go backwards again and I don’t want to see that happen.”

The ease of these restrictions comes with others. These include masks not being mandatory on public transport (although they are still strongly recommended), no limits on weddings and funerals, full capacity crowds at stadiums and no cap on household gatherings (although a log must be kept for gatherings of over 100 people).

This is a massive step in the right direction to beating Covid-19 for NSW and it’s capital, Sydney. Although many parts of the world still have a way to go, we could see a lot more events and festivals happening there very soon. You can watch the full video on all the restrictions being lifted below.

Image credit: via Culture Trip

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