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Taska Black releases ‘Heavy Hearted’ featuring Emma Sameth: Listen

Fresh on the scene, Joachim Gorrebeeck has been able to establish himself as one of the most exciting new artists in the industry. Under the alias, Taska Black, the Antwerp, Belgium-born and based producer looks to enchant his audience through an electrifying blend of warm melodies and sweeping harmonies.

Following an impressive 2020, Taska found himself releasing an array of remixes for high-profile mainstream artists such as; Lil MiquelaNOTD & Astrid S, and Winona Oak. This was only the beginning of a successful year, with his own releases reaching audiences worldwide. ‘Comedown’ (3MM streams) and Easier’ feat. Emily Vaughn (1.2MM streams) saw great success on major music platforms, whilst Taska’s singleFound Myself’ feat. Tessa Dixson (500K streams) was released on Martin Garrix’s label, STMPD RCRDS.

Fast-forward to today, Taska has teamed up with the deeply emotional lyrical talent, Emma Sameth, for his latest single, ‘Heavy Hearted’. Opting for a more downtempo beat when compared to Taska’s usual releases, the track looks to take the listener on an emotional ride by focusing on identity change in order to comply with modern life. This latest single has all the qualities of creating deep and meaningful connections with its listeners, with Taska himself adding;

“When I first heard the demo that Emma initially wrote it felt like she was explaining things in my life that I hadn’t been able to put into words yet. I sat down and started playing piano over the vocals and the lyrics and the story connected so naturally with me that the music almost wrote itself in my head. The sentimental lyrics and melancholy melody come together to stir emotion. I intentionally left a lot of space for the vocals to breathe, it almost makes you reflect on your own life while listening.”

Listen to “Heavy Hearted” (ft. Emma Sameth) here:


Image Credit: Rein Kooyman (via Press)

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