Armin van Buuren at Untold Festival 2018 Romania by aLIVE Coverage

Trance music lovers are among the happiest music listeners, study finds

Trance music is perhaps one of the most recognizable genres within electronic dance music realm, due to its heavy focus on melodies, harmonies and rich atmospheres, enduring breakdowns and build-ups which tend to leave people in a trance-like state. Having the commercial peak in the second part of 1990’s and early 2000’s, it is safe to say that after 20+ years, the genre is nowhere near being forgotten due to trance music pioneers such as ChicaneFerry Corsten, Paul van Dyk, Rank 1, Tiësto and Armin van Buuren, who all uplifted the souls of millions with their creations.

OnBuy online marketplace analysed more than two million Reddit comments from the subreddits of 27 different music genres as part of an independently conducted survey, observing how many times happy emotions were expressed when speaking about respective genres. Among the Top 10 happiest genres were jazz, metal,opera, folk,indie, blues and trance, with the latter racking up a total of 7,157 positive comments out of 14,198, equating to 50 positive mentions per 100 comments. Techno, EDM, emo, classical and house also appeared in the Top 20, with EDM’s total positive comments totalling over 18,000, and techno having almost 13,000. House ranked lowest being the 20th, with 2,602 positive comments found in subreddits. The survey also noted music fans who use the least positive language online are from the drill, grime, drum & bass, rap and punk communities appearing in the top five. Interestingly, EDM fans are also included in this list on the 8th place. and punk fans using the most profanities on the site.

Trance has been the focus of Harold Heath‘s DJ Mag 2020 research on a recent AI experiment to discover the science behind why trance is still such a popular genre. An Irish trance DJ and producer Richard Mowatt, better known by his stage name Solarstone stated the following:

“In uplifting trance music, there is a fine balance between complexity and simplicity. Listeners need to feel the reassurance of being able to comfortably ‘predict’ what is going to happen next musically and melodically in order to relax into the music and become ‘lost’ in it, but enjoy the more complex and unexpected production flourishes that occur in addition to the melodic content […]A simple harmonic musical composition that ‘works’, the use of repetitive elements and the building of tension through the arrangement process. The most successful and memorable pieces combine all three of these factors.”


Image Credit: aLIVE Coverage Provided by Armada PR