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Above & Beyond’s debut album ‘Tri-State’ turns 15 years old

On this day in 2006, the trance world was forever changed by the release of Above & Beyond’s debut album ‘Tri-State’. An iconic album that paved the way for other masterpieces such as Common Ground‘Group Therapy’ and ‘We Are All We Need’, ‘Tri-State’ is the original, the one that paved the way for all the great things to follow. To celebrate with us, come on a trip down memory lane as we explore the 2006 album.

Comprised of thirteen tracks, it included some massive collaborations by the names of Zoë JohnstonRichard Bedford (both of who had become long-time collaborators close to the trio), Carrie Skipper and fellow progressive trance producer Andy Moor. Kicking off the album proceedings a year before with the release of first single ‘Air for Life’, the track went on to be voted ‘Tune of the Year’ on Armin van Buuren‘s ASOT radio. A year later, another single ‘Good For Me (Above & Beyond Club Mix)’ took the title again. Proving that this album was jam-packed with dominating tracks that were due to take over the entire electronic world, ‘Tri-State’ fast became an album that blew people’s minds, unforgettable even years later when it was still making an impact. Listed as one of Above & Beyond’s most memorable compositions, there hasn’t been a debut album that has been so well received quite like this.

In 2007, a remix album of ‘Tri-State’ was released, which handed over remix powers to Robert NicksonMaor LeviAirwaveIan Carey, Tongue Of GodMatthew Dekay and Spencer & Hill but it was perhaps the Above & Beyond self remixes that shone the brightest. Providing a deep club remix for ‘Stealing Time’ and club mixes for ‘Good for Me’ and ‘Home’, it showcased those tracks in a different light, painting a fresh coat of paint atop an already masterful production.

To mark this milestone, they have re-stocked the ‘Tri-State’ album on vinyl on the Anjuna Music Store, and for a limited time fans can grab a bundle of some of their favourite remixes from the past 15 years, including unreleased remixes by GenixMem Aleph and Matt Lange as a store exclusive. You can grab that, and a ‘Tri-State’ t-shirt here. Don’t forget to also re-listen to the iconic album down below!


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