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‘UNDERPLAYED’ documentary is officially released featuring Alison Wonderland, REZZ, & more

Did you know in 2019, only 5 of the Top 100 DJs were female? Yes, you read that number right. Well, award-winning documentary filmmaker Stacey Lee is on a mission to shine a light on gender inequality in the electronic dance music scene and inspire change digging deeper with female pioneers, next-generation artists, and industry leaders in her recent documentary ‘UNDERPLAYED.’  Released on streaming platforms for the first time ever on International Women’s Day, there is no better way to celebrate this inspirational day than to highlight the personal journeys of so many talented and vibrant women making their mark and rising to the top of their industry. Being filmed during the summer festival season and across the globe, Stacey Lee features a group of internationally recognized acts such as Alison Wonderland, Louisahhh, Nervo, Nightwave, REZZ, Sherelle, TOKiMONSTA, TygapawSherelle, and many more talented women in the music industry.

The birth of electronic music has always drawn upon the ideals of diversity and inclusivity, however, ‘UNDERPLAYED’ showcases how women who are in this artistic space and producing top-notch tracks fail to receive the recognition that the men in their field are showered with. With many of the female pioneers questioning the social structure of the entire industry, Lee digs even deeper by highlighting many of these artists’ past and most recent narratives on the subject of gender, ethnic, and sexual equality issues. Calling for equality for all women in the music industry, these artists are demanding that the industry become more inclusive and we could not agree more with this. Even highlighting Anna Lunoe, Chippy Nonstop, and more recognized artists and industry professionals who have experienced several struggles first hand, ‘UNDERPLAYED’ plays an important role to encourage a “tangible shift in the balance of power that will hopefully transcend the electronic music scene.”

Watch the official ‘UNDERPLAYED’ trailer below and be sure to stream the documentary here.

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