ZHU announces ‘DREAMLAND 2021’ album and unites with Yuna for ‘Sky Is Crying’: Listen

It is safe to say ZHU is definitely brightening our days in 2021 after recently confirming his new album has been fully completed. Teasing his listeners with the official announcement of his collaboration with Yuna on ‘Sky Is Crying,’ we can happily say ZHU has released the breathtaking single and it was definitely worth the wait. Even better, ZHU has also announced his upcoming album ‘DREAMLAND 2021’ will officially be released on April 30. For now, prepare yourself to embark on a beautiful journey with ZHU as he immediately reminds us of why we fell in love with his production skills from the start.

Flowing directly into hints of dreamy vocals which provide listeners a sense of peace during these overwhelming times, ZHU’s immaculate production style shines bright as it feels as if he is communicating directly with our souls as we drift away with his emotive, yet danceable melody. Sounding truly perfect to the ears, ZHU and Yuna are clearly the perfect matches for this masterpiece. With Yuna’s pacifying vocals intertwined with the forward-thinking tones inherent in ZHU’s aesthetic, this one is about to be played on repeat. By simply letting the music speak for itself, ZHU has amassed over two billion streams across all of his songs, and this recent single serves as a reminder of how talented and respected this artist is in the music industry. Instilling joy in their listeners one beat at a time, ZHU and Yuna’s personalities flow concurrently throughout the single and we would not have pictured it any other way. Easily about to become a summer classic for many, be on the lookout for more updates from the legend himself coming soon.

Listen to ‘Sky Is Crying’ below and let us know what you think in the comments.


Image Credit: ZHU (via Facebook)

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