AREA21 release anticipated new single ‘La La La’: Listen

Martin Garrix and Maejor are back in business, and they’re here to shake the electronic scene up again with the new AREA21 single ‘La La La’.

With uplifting lyrics (sung expertly by Maejor) surrounding the single, ‘La La La’ is all about staying true to yourself, following your own path and dreaming big without fear. With those important themes at the heart of the track, it makes it all the more enjoyable to listen to. Taking a different direction stylistically, this track is a mainstream pop banger and is sure to be a hit on all the radio stations and charts. Previously, Garrix has stated that the new AREA21 material would be less electronic, and ‘La La La’ certainly showcases a new direction being taken with the alias, marking the start of a new era.

Along with the single, they’ve released a music video to go with it. Animated by Titmouse, inc. it follows two aliens who are on a mission to beam unhappy people up to their spaceship, to cheer them up with the power of music. It sends a message of hope to tell people that music can always unite people. Towards the end, the ship crashes into earth and then the real adventure begins.

‘La La La’ is the start of a new chapter for AREA21, as they get ready to release an album some time very soon (which, according to Garrix himself, is 12 tracks longs with no collaborations). For now, you can listen to the lead single ‘La La La’ here, and watch the official music video below.

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