ATB hit ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’ turns 18 years old

ATB – real name André Tanneberger – is responsible for some of the biggest hits in electronic music history. Finding success in hits such as 9 PM (Till I Come)‘Ecstasy’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’, we’re looking at the latter as it celebrates its 18th birthday already.

Released in 2003 on April 7, it was part of the fourth studio album ‘Addicted to Music’, and was one of the album’s most popular tracks. Leading the album as being the first single to be released from it, it set the tone to what fans could’ve expected from it and it rose monumentally in popularity.

Charting in Hungary’s Single Top 40 chart in 4th place, it has garnered well over 900,000 Spotify streams to date and over 3 million streams on the official music video on YouTube. Known as a trance classic, it has been the soundtrack for many people’s happy memories for 18 years now, and is still as fresh as the first day it was released into the world.

Inspiring many remixes, some of them included artists such as MolellaKenny HayesTurnbull & Maher and more although the original will remain untouched and special. Timeless, this is certainly one of those tracks that is instantly recognisable upon hearing the first few opening notes.

Do you remember when you first heard this ATB track? What special memories do you have tied to ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’? Let us know in the comments, and watch the music video below or stream the track here.


Image Credit: ATB (via Facebook)

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