Benassi Bros classic ‘Hit My Heart’ turns 17 years old

By this point, you’ll all have heard the name Benny Benassi. The Italian producer is a true legend of the modern dance industry, and is best known to many for his anthemic hit ‘Satisfaction’. The electronic banger, which dropped in Summer 2002, was catapulted into primetime consciousness thanks to a saucy accompanying official video. The production, which showed a range of scantily clad women soaked in sweat, poked a tongue-in-cheek look at D.I.Y videos, as the girls in question seductively operated machinery such as chainsaws, all whilst their breasts juggled mesmerically in front of the viewer’s eyes. However, a less known fact about Benny, is that he was once part of the ‘Benassi Bros’. Made up of Benny Benassi and his cousin Alle Benassi, the Italian duo teamed up on a number of tracks during the 90s and early 00s, none more so than ‘Hit My Heart’.

Becoming a global smash all around the world, the hit soared into the Top 15 of the American club scene, via the Hot Dance Club Play chart on this day in 2004, and now – remarkably – is 17 years old. We’re not quite sure how all that time has passed, but since then, Benny has become a superstar of the dance scene, performing at the Axtone pool party during Miami Music Week, and bringing us huge anthems like his SOFI TUKKER collaboration ‘Everybody Needs A Kiss’, and his 2011 hit ‘Cinema’ which was later reworked by Skrillex. The Italian producer has also teamed up with Groove King, Kryder, on their remix of MOGUAI‘s ‘ACIIID’, and worked alongside American R&B maestro Chris Brown on their whopping hit ‘Beautiful People’. But today, we’re remembering those Benassi Bros days with the simply timeless ‘Hit My Heart’. You can take a stroll down nostalgia avenue with us by reliving this one below via Spotify!

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