Bonjour Madame

Bonjour Madame delivers laid back melodies with ‘Beatmaker’: Listen

Madrid-based artist Adrian Reyes, professionally known as Bonjour Madame, has spent several years crossing many genres in search of his signature sound. After moulding a variety of beats through various releases, the talented professional has found his unique style – music that references and gives life to happy vibes. As a result, Adrian has produced a stunning track called ‘Beatmaker‘, the first track featured on his albumTouch Of Amateur. Although released in 2019, ‘Beatmaker’ remains as relevant as ever, since it has become the cornerstone for the type of music the Mexican wants to repeat, pushing his production capabilities forward. The end product of this creativity is a track that provides a unique, minimal, and relaxed experience for the listener while delivering a refreshing take on electronic dance music. ‘Beatmaker’ is a special track for the artists, who said:

“This song is very important to me for two main reasons. The first one is that It was a genre-defining song for me. I always want to experiment with new sounds but this song helped me find my reference and gave life to the happy vibes I often try to inject in my music. The second one is that producing Beatmaker was when I realized that I could legitimately sing in my own songs, which I didn’t really like doing before.”

That’s right. The vocals on this laid back track are from two artists, Adrian Reyes himself, and further feature the voice of talented singer Ren Munguía, who appeared on The Voice Mexico. Together the duo have proved a star pairing which has lead them to work together more frequently on various tracks produced under the Bonjour Madame identity.

The young professional Adrian Reyes is just warming up and will be one artist/producer to keep your eye on now and in the future. To enjoy the tastes of Bonjour Madame, listen to ‘Beatmaker’ below. Don’t forget to discover more great music like this right here.


Image credits: **Need Image**