Calvin Harris track ‘I’m Not Alone’ turns 12 years old

During the earlier days of electronic music, Calvin Harris drove the scene forward with his self-sung tracks such as I’m Not Alone. Since then, he has constantly changed the game with forward-thinking tunes but tracks such as ‘I’m Not Alone’ always have a special place in fans hearts, and it’s that very track which is celebrating its 12th birthday this month.

Released on April 6, 2009, it went on to debut at number one on the UK Singles Chart on the 12th (his first solo number one, knocking Lady Gaga‘s ‘Poker Face’ off the charts) after being played out by Pete Tong for the first time on BBC Radio 1 back in January of 2009 as his ‘essential new tune’. Described as a slice of euphoric dance, the track represents a nostalgic time in electronic music which everyone fondly looks back upon. The track wasn’t met without controversy though, after Chris Brown released the track ‘Yeah 3x’ and Harris vocally spoke out against the similarities between the two tracks. The public outcry lead both artists to talk, and Calvin Harris has since been given songwriting credits on ‘Yeah 3x’.

In 2019, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the track, an EP titled I’m Not Alone 2019‘ was released. Featuring a special 2019 edit and a 2009 remaster from Calvin himself, it also had CamelPhat and Thomas Schumacher providing special remixes to celebrate.

‘I’m Not Alone’ is certainly a special track that will forever be known as timeless. Can you believe it is 12 years old already?

Image Credit: Calvin Harris Boxing Day Event Event Photo, 2009

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