Home Uncategorized Cercle sets are now available exclusively on Apple Music
Cercle sets are now available exclusively on Apple Music
Cercle vinyl
Image Credit: Cercle (via Facebook

Cercle sets are now available exclusively on Apple Music

Home Uncategorized Cercle sets are now available exclusively on Apple Music

French iconic livestream platform Cercle has teamed up with Apple Music to provide their most memorable DJ sets and live sets. The world-renowned brand had been looking for a streaming platform to fit its values for some time and has now found compatibility with Apple Music. According to a statement, both insignias ‘believe that artists, songwriters, producers and DJs should be equitably compensated for their work’.

Pol Souchier, head of communication at Cercle, adds:

‘We’ve been waiting several years for a streaming service to be able to legally and fairly feature our sets, as this has been a major issue in the electronic music world. We are delighted to finally deliver them on Apple Music on the dedicated Cercle page, and to be able to compensate all the rights-holders – the labels, the artists but also the DJs creating these sometimes anthological and timeless sets.’

This extraordinary news fulfils the dreams of all Cercle fans, who will now be able to access audio recordings of their iconic sets. Founded in 2016, Cercle has dedicated its existence to electronic music and promoting artists and venues in the most extravagant way possible. Long before everyone started producing and broadcasting livestreams of performances, Cercle was already distinguished by the digital format through which it provided the highest quality music. Subscribers know well the thrill of receiving an email with the unveiling of Cercle’s next event. Always sent at short notice, regardless of the artist, event invitations always have one overriding factor: breathtaking location. In the ‘good old days’, before social distancing was a thing, some of Cercle’s events were crowded. After the pandemic hit, even if they had to cancel a festival, the platform adapted very well, since the format was already digital and COVID-19 proof. If initially the list of artists was dedicated to the techno scene and more underground layers, quickly the range widened, with magnificent sets from other genres. Currently, the list of artists who have performed under the Cercle umbrella is immensely long.

Thanks to this partnership, Apple Music subscribers will be able to access Circle’s dedicated page which contains a fantastic selection of performances by renowned artists in the most exotic and unthinkable locations. In addition to the sets, users will also be able to enjoy a range of playlists curated by Cercle’s connoisseurs.

At this moment, sets and mixes of artists like Fatboy Slim, Deborah de Luca, ARTBAT, Adriatique, ZHU, Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Polo & Pan, Giorgia Angiuli, ANNA, Worakls Orchestra, Fakear, Ellen Allien and Monika Kruse are already available. This selection will be constantly updated and will soon contain more sets, not only from the archive but also the upcoming ones. Click here and start exploring Cercle’s page on Apple Music.

Image Credit: Cercle (via Facebook)

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