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Charlotte de Witte celebrates new ‘Formula EP’ with an adrenaline-pumping livestream

Charlotte de Witte has announced her new ‘Formula EP‘ that will be supported by an extreme livestream. Despite the troubled times we’ve been living in and everything the pandemic has taken away from the industry, techno titan Charlotte de Witte continues to give us good reason to be a hot topic in the news. Even with the major brake that has kept her from playing in front of a crowd and touring, Charlotte hasn’t let the music quiet and has made the most of her time. Last year, she was crowned the world’s number one DJ by DJ Mag‘s Alternative Top 100 poll, released an incredible EP (one of many) Rave on Time, delivered a stunning performance on the virtual edition of Tomorrowland 31.12.2020 and gifted us with countless powerful streams during lockdown. Known for her fearless drive and screaming energy, Charlotte de Witte is on course for another outstanding year.

Author of brilliant peak time gems and impeccable remixes, the techno princess dazzles us now with a three-track EP to be released on her own imprint KNTXT. Charlotte is a visionary and irrepressible curator, channelling only the finest cutting-edge techno to her label. On her own behalf, she doesn’t lower the bar. The Belgian tastemaker has acidic techno running through her veins and has got us used to meticulous drum patterns, deep basslines and dramatic oscillations. None of this is missing in the incoming ‘Formula EP’.

Charlotte makes no secret of her passion for extreme sports and adrenaline. The name of the EP doesn’t leave much to the imagination and immediately takes us back to racing and Formula 1®, a sport adored by Belgians. Speed, adrenaline, numbing sounds, vibration, emotion. These are the common ingredients between motorsport and this new music by the talented Charlotte de Witte.

As a countdown to the official release of ‘Formula’ which will take place on April 30, KNTXT and Beatport present a huge livestream event called ‘New Form’ IV: Formula – presented by Formula 1®. The historic stream will take place on April 29, 24 hours before the release of the EP, at the world-famous track owned by Ferrari: the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, in Tuscany, Italy. We have to agree that there would be no more perfect setting for the presentation of ‘Formula EP’. About this mind-blowing event, Charlotte says:

‘After re-discovering DJ Visage’s Schumacher track, I was inspired to use unconventional racing sounds and incorporate them in my productions. I’ve always been a huge fan of adrenaline and speed. Whether it’s driving motorcycles or downhill skiing, the thrill-seeking aspect of these activities have always captivated me. It’s the same thrill that drives me in my performances to massive audiences. As a Belgian, F1 holds a special significance in our culture, with the iconic annual Spa-Francorchamps Grand Prix.’

From the first minute of the livestream, the tracks of the ‘Formula EP’ will be exclusively available to purchase on Beatport. Unique merchandising pieces will also be dropped during the livestream and will remain available for only 7 days afterwards.

This event promises to be as thrilling as the F1® itself, and the album is no less passionate. This EP unfolds in three exciting laps. ‘Doppler‘ kicks things off and is a hard track in the style of heavyweight techno. The shuffling drums and the buzzing synths promise to raise your heart rate to the maximum, at the same pace as the dancefloor lights flash. Darker, ‘RPM‘ is perfect for a cave rave. With acidity levels beyond what is allowed, this track mesmerises with rooted drums and a lead synth that digs into the soul. ‘Formula‘ is the closing track and one that, channelling the concept of racing, explores mechanical noises like revving engines, industrial sounds recreated with hammering hits and immortalises the genre with haunting melodies. This EP is an ode to techno in itself.


‘Formula EP’ will be available digitally on all platforms and on vinyl on April 30, but you can already pre-order it here.


Image Credit: Charlotte de Witte (via Facebook)