Denmark to avoid 10,000+ capacity events based on government’s advisory

Just when the people of Denmark would have thought that the live events industry was heading towards normalcy after the devastating impact of the covid pandemic, the government’s expert advisory group has advised against allowing live events with a capacity of more than 10 thousand attendees. The fate of the summer festivals that were to be held in the country this year has been left hanging as of now. Following this sequence of events, leading festivals in the region including Tinderbox, Heartland, and Roskilde have asked the authorities to come up with a solution and a list of recommendations so that a final decision can be made.

Here’s an extract from the joint letter sent by the Danish Festivals to the authorities –

“We fully recognize the great work that the expert group has put in…but the work has been started too late and we have a very hard time believing that it is realistic to carry out festivals in Denmark before the end of the summer. We had all believed and hoped that we would get an answer when the government announced the plan for reopening Denmark on March 22nd. Instead, we got an expert group that has now spent precious time onto find recommendations for the reopening of major events”

Apart from the restriction on capacity, the group of health experts also expect all attendees of a major festival to mandatorily have a corona pass. The event organizers must ensure that no accommodation on the campsites is provided and the participants must be divided into sections of 2000 each. The expert group believes that events of such capacity should only be allowed when all citizens above the age of 50 have been vaccinated (around the end of May 2021).

Image Credits – PMYCA, Universal Images Group via Getty

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