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Does online casino music affect one’s chances of winning?

The popularity of online casinos is increasing rapidly, and so as more people get into the web-based gambling scene, there are inevitably attempts to find an edge and ideally walk away with a big win under your belt.

Plenty of casino games feature music soundtracks to accompany the action, and this is one area in which players might think they can get an advantage over the house.

So is this assumption true, or is there a more complex series of factors at play which influence win likelihoods in the world of online casino gaming?

Game choice and why it matters

First and foremost it is important to establish that online casinos are businesses, and as such they need to make money from players in order to survive and thrive. This means that in the vast majority of cases, the kind of music which accompanies the experiences they offer has little to no bearing on the outcome.

Operators are more interested in working out which casino payment methods are most popular among players than they are in trying to tweak music choices to increase or decrease the likelihood of winning on a given game.

For example, in the case of online slots, the primary purpose of any music which is included is to add to the atmosphere and compliment the theme of the game. Themes are usually what attract players to a virtual slot machine, and the soundtrack is an important factor in selling this, so it is a significant aesthetic choice, but not one which holds sway over how the reels will fall with each spin.

Indeed slot machines are closely regulated to ensure that spins are entirely random, and are only chosen according to the rules of RNG algorithms. This means that they are not only immune to any outside influences, from the music to the sheer willpower of the player, but each spin is entirely independent as an event, and a machine has no memory to make it completely fair.

Of course slot games are just one aspect of what online casinos have to offer, and it could be argued that music is a more potent ally or antagonist to players if they are instead tempted by different gambling experiences.

Other games which are decided entirely randomly, such as roulette, fall into the same category as slots from this perspective. However, poker is an exception to this rule, because it is one of the only forms of gambling in which the player’s skill is relevant, even if luck is still holding most of the cards, so to speak.

If you are playing poker and the music is either relaxing you or distracting you, then your chances of winning will undeniably be altered by the soundtrack. In fact this is why plenty of online poker aficionados use their own playlists to accompany their sessions, rather than sticking with whatever music might be pumped out by default by their site of choice.

The aspects that do count

So while all but the most ardent online poker players can largely not worry about whether or not they are listening to online casino music, or any kind of soundtrack, when they play, that is not to say that you cannot have any impact on the chance of winning in this context.

Most importantly you need to be aware of the odds and use these to shape the decisions you make, as well as making sure you set an affordable budget for gambling and stick to it.

When it comes to online slots games, while every spin of the reels is random and unique, there are machines which are designed to be more in favour of operators than players, save those who get extremely lucky.

Looking into the payout rate, or RTP as it is otherwise known, is one way of determining this. The higher the RTP percentage, the more cash that will be paid out as prizes, and the smaller the slice the operator takes to run the machine and make a profit.

Volatility is also significant; low volatility slots will pay out smaller amounts more frequently, while high volatility slots will pay out huge jackpots very rarely.

Ultimately it is all about making sure you are up to speed with the ins and outs of any online casino games you play, and appreciate that music can be a great way to enhance the experience of playing, without really holding sway over whether you win or not.


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