DVBBS return to their roots with melody-driven track ‘Fool For Ya’: Listen

Having established their presence in the dance music scene with powerhouse hits like ‘Tsunami‘ and Stampede‘, in turnearning recognition from industry juggernauts and quickly rising to the top of the game, the Canadian duo DVBBS return to their roots with a brand new release that recalls exhilarating basslines and melodies so addictive they replay over and over in your head; even when you’re sleeping. Producers and brothers, Chris and Alexander, showcase a stunning new track called ‘Fool For Ya‘, dubbed by the pair as a tune that is ‘serving as an alarm clock to wake you up to the new age‘. We take a closer look at this track that’s ready to dominate airwaves with every new stream and play.

Released on Ultra Records, DVBBS new tune ‘Fool For Ya‘ wastes no time in introducing the listener to its vibrant character and invigorating basslines that can be enjoyed throughout. This most recent release from the electrifying duo is the tone of their upcoming album ‘SLEEP‘ which leaves us to wonder what else the boys have cooked up in the studio. Briefly commenting on their new track, DVBBS added:

Fool For Ya‘ is the alarm clock to our new album ‘SLEEP‘. Every song off this album represents a dream… Imma Fool For Ya.”

Over the years, DVBBS have been at the forefront of the electric dance music scene. Thanks to a handful of tracks that have resonated with fans worldwide, both Chris and Alexander remained favourites when the festival track comes round each year, notable performing on the world’s biggest stages with mesmerising performances. Speaking of mesmerising performances, check out the music video for ‘Fool For Ya’ below. Don’t forget to share this new track and show the duo some love by streaming the track on Spotify here. For more great music like this, head over to this section of our website and enjoy brand new releases from your favourite artists.

Image credits: press