Bluetooth Speaker with Ferrofluid

Ferrofluid display cell bluetooth speaker moves with music [Watch]

Heads up, there is some new tech in town and this one might just blow your mind. Feast your eyes on this bluetooth speaker that moves to the sound of music using Ferrofluid, a material developed by NASA in the 1960s that was used as both spacecraft fuel and sealing material. Designed and created by DAKD Jung, the impressive project demonstrates how sound influences the Ferrofluid by controlling the strength of the electromagnet inside and the shape of the magnetic field. The creator revealed that he programmed the device to react to the volume of each range. Join us in taking a closer look at this incredible device.


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3D printed with a design that had no choice but to let sound escape upwards, the Ferrofluid responds to music through a device that operates an electromagnet device using ‘MSGEQ7’, a module that separates the sound range. Since Ferrofluid adheres well to glass, the glass required special treatments and the Ferrofluid suspended in clear liquid to gain the effect. Inside, the speaker’s enclosure was customised to fit the speaker case then sealed so that the passive radiator can operate. Additionally, DAKD Jung installed LED lighting to make this creation stand out. The result… a speaker that we would love to get our hands on and try out for sure. Hats off to DAKD Jung for this epic creation.

Forget KRK Rokit and Yamaha Studio speakers, the Ferrofluid display cell bluetooth speaker is what we want to see and hear more of. Check below to see the YouTube video and how the speaker was created below and the speaker placement examples. Witness the interesting process, from start to finish, and check out the Ferrofluid in action at the end of the video. Let us know, if you had one of these, what would be the first track you would play on it? For the latest tech news, click here.

Image credits: Gizmodo official website