90% of festival-goers feel confident to attend live events this year, shows Festicket survey

Following the UK roadmap which has shone a ray of hope onto the country, and with vaccines progressing at a fast rate, the UK is looking towards a summer full of fun. More importantly, it shines hope onto the live music industry, allowing many people to hopefully get their jobs back. It’s no doubt been a stressful period for many, not just artists but also crew, event photographers and more, but if all goes to well according to the roadmap, this will all be over soon. With this hope, Festicket has recently surveyed their customers (140,000 in total) to find out how people feel about going to events this year, and it has showed some hopeful results.

Out of the 140,000 people who took the survey, a whopping 82% said that they would feel confident about attending events this year, and that number shot up to 90% when the last four months of the year were factored into this. Hand in hand with this number comes with 82% saying that they have plans to attend two or more festivals this year. This shows that the live events industry is coming back stronger than ever, with many festivals seeing a ticket demand like never before. More than half of people would also have no issues with booking festivals out of the country, either. One interesting statistic, though, shows that only 7.9% would attend a concert or festival only if they had been vaccinated beforehand.

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It wasn’t just the subject of attending the events that Festicket touched on. They asked what changes event-goers would want to see on-site, and the most evident change that people would like to see implemented is extra cleaning and hygiene measures. 58.5% of people say that this is absolutely essential, and we can likely see festivals and events putting this into place when they come back. Following this, there is also a desire for a contactless system in place, and many events such as Tomorrowland already have this in place with their cashless system to pay for goods.

It was over 52% of people that said contactless ticketing, contactless access at the door and reduced queues would play a big role in deciding whether to attend or not, and 70% said they would be encouraged by cashless systems for food, drinks and other goods.

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Following these findings, Festicket CEO Zack Sabban stated:

“It’s clear there has been a shift in perspective in the UK over the past month. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement in February, stories of 2021 events selling out have become common but we wanted to dig a little deeper. Coupling customer opinion with ongoing event partner conversations puts us in a strong position to help the industry bounce back successfully. It’s important that the industry works within all government guidance available but more specifically, listening to your fans is essential and delivering events in the way they now demand is critical for success.” 

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Image credit: Festicket press

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