Gorgon City announce third album ‘Olympia’ with euphoric single ‘Tell Me It’s True’

We are all expectant about this summer. There are still a lot of doubts about how much we’ll be clubbing, but there’s one thing we know for sure: new music just keeps on coming. Cherished house duo Gorgon City continue to contribute to the charts of the best dance music and this time they’ve made a very special double announcement. ‘Olympia‘ is the name of Gorgon City’s third studio album, which will be arriving on June 25, via Astralwerks. This LP will feature 18 tracks full of treasured collaborations and will be the first album of the duo since their 2018’s ‘Escape‘. Along with this news, Gorgon City share a brand-new single ‘Tell Me It’s True‘.

It’s always about the music, but you can’t be indifferent to the extraordinary cover arts on Gorgon City’s albums. Recovering some of the graphic concepts of ‘Sirens’, this new album exalts a bust that channels Greek mythology. ‘Olympia’ transports us to the mythological tales that portrayed the communion between the gods of Olympus and ordinary mortals. With the album, the duo also wanted to unite two worlds. In an eclectic and euphoric way, ‘Olympia’ brings together 90s house with the finest pop of the 2000s. The result is an 18-track genre-spanning album, a herculean sonic journey through the creative variety of Gorgon City, which is sure to please the most demanding palates.

‘Olympia’ is a perfect mix between tracks developed by the duo over the last years and fresh work. Showcasing a magnificent array of collaborations, this third Gorgon City album features exciting new talent such as Rose Grey & Aura James and also past collaborators such as Josh Barry, Sofi Tukker and DRAMA. This album celebrates themes of escapism and exploration, reviving the feeling of communion and freedom, that we all want to embrace again. Social distance heavily influenced this album in its conception, as the duo were separated by an ocean in its making. While Matt stayed in London, Kye moved to Chicago, but even the distance didn’t separate them. Music has the power to bring people together, and this album is living proof of that.

Before the pandemic hit, the duo toured a lot, drinking from all that vibrant clubbing energy and breathing in the essence of the fans. All those influences are present in ‘Olympia’, which offers the perfect soft house to enjoy during the day while the sun kisses your skin and to dance the night away.

Talking about the new album, Gorgon City say:

‘With this record we’ve definitely gone more clubby and have been inspired by the big shows that we played before lockdown. It’s a bigger sound and lyrically it’s different for us

From this new album, we already know the singles ‘You’ve Done Enough‘ and ‘Nobody‘, both with DRAMA, ‘House Arrest‘ with Sofi Tukker, ‘Foolproof‘ with Hayden James and Nat Dunn, and ‘Burning‘ with Evan Giia. Now, comes the magnificent track ‘Tell Me It’s True’, the first of this outstanding tracklist. This brand-new single has a refreshing, light and uplifting sound. Putting the vocal in the spotlight, just like the other tracks of the album we already know, involves us with a message and powerful vocals. Melodious yet rhythmic, ‘Tell Me It’s True’ exposes a boasting house-piano riff and a sprouting bassline. An easy track to like and that sticks in your memory, perfect for looping.

Get wrapped up in the euphoria of ‘Tell Me It’s True’ below and check out the full tracklist for ‘Olympia’.


1. Tell Me It’s True
2. Oxygen (with Aura James)
3. You’ve Done Enough (with DRAMA)
4. Dreams (with Jem Cooke)
5. Body Language (with Cami)
6. When You’re Gone
7. House Arrest (with Sofi Tukker)
8. Never Let Me Down (with Hayley May)
9. Sweet Temptation
10. Nobody (with DRAMA)
11. Lost Feelings (with Rose Grey)
12. Tears (with Grace Grundy)
13. Waiting For The Right Time
14. Ecstasy (with Jem Cooke)
15. Foolproof (with Hayden James & Nat Dunn)
16. Burning (with Evan Giia)
17. Thoughts
18. Freedom (with Josh Barry)


Image Credit: Will Robson-Scott