Guz Hardy & Luke

Guz Hardy & J Luke release new dance pop single ‘My Dream’: Listen

Guz Hardy & J Luke have just released their new single ‘My Dream’ featuring vocalist Samuel Storm. Dance pop duo Guz Hardy & J Luke have recently teamed up with X-Factor Italy finalist Samuel Storm to bring us ‘My Dream’. This is the follow-up to the pair’s previous release of ‘Close To You’ which has amassed over 600,000 streams and is reminiscent of fellow countrymen Meduza. ‘My Dream’ has been in the works since September, being sent back and forth between the pair until eventually there was a substantial baseline for the project, to which the duo decided it needed a more “soulful vibe”. In an effort to fulfil said “soulful vibe”, the duo enlisted the help of Samuel Storm to make that dream come to life.

‘My Dream’ has an emotional context, yet still energetic enough to give this track everything it needs to crowd the dancefloor. The lyrics, written by Guz, emote feelings of despair and love. Regarding the track’s lyrics, the two stated:

“It talks about a guy who wants to get noticed by a pretty girl…It’s like he wants to say “you’re perfect” but I won’t give up with you. Let me show you what I can do.” 

Listen to the intoxicating new single ‘My Dream’ by Guz Hardy & J Luke (featuring Samuel Storm) below:


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Image Credit: Facebook