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Interview: Timmy Trumpet talks Afrojack collaboration ‘Stay Mine’, debut album ‘Mad World’ and future plans

Not long ago, two legends in the form of Timmy Trumpet and Afrojack teamed up for an explosive collaboration titled ‘Stay Mine’. A concoction of both of their signature sounds, it was unsurprisingly popular with the masses. To find out all about how this collaboration happened, We Rave You spoke to Timmy Trumpet to get all of the details.

Hi Timmy, thanks for joining us! Congratulations on your collaborative single ‘Stay Mine’. How did you and Afrojack come together for the track? 

I’ve always wanted to work with Afrojack. I’ve been a big fan of his music for years and we’ve caught up backstage and on tour a few times but this year we finally got to get together and make a track happen.

What was the creation process like for ‘Stay Mine’? Can you talk us through how it was made?

Always wanted to make a track in a major key. ‘Stay Mine’ is in a major key, it creates a happy feeling, something that we all need in our lives right now. The idea started from there. It’s a great vocal and easy to work with. The triplet bass rhythm underneath the chorus was something I really wanted in the final product, but I wasn’t sure at first how it would work, but I think it did. Afrojack smashed it, he nails everything he produces and every time he touched the project it just kept getting better and better. 

Would you guys team up again in the future? Could this single be the start of a collaborative journey? 

Absolutely! We are already working together on another record. 

How have you spent your time during the pandemic without touring? Are you ready to get back to performing at festivals and events? 


You’ve also released your debut album ‘Mad World’ recently. What do you think of the incredible response from fans it has gotten? 

It’s very humbling. I’m just glad that people like this music as much as I do. And when I say that I don’t mean it in a vain way – like I love my music. I loved ‘making’ this music and especially with all the people I got to work with. It’s took me the best part of five years, but I can’t wait until I release the next album.

2021 has already been a great year for you. What other plans do you have in store? Is there anything you can tell us? 

I have releases coming out with some of my idols. I can’t wait for everyone to hear them. I’ve been lucky enough to be playing shows out here in Australia already and I have a lot of festivals and big shows booked down under. 


‘Stay Mine’ is out now via Spinnin’ Records, and you can stream it here and watch the official music video below.

Image credit: Afrojack (via Twitter

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