JOOLIA releases electric new track ‘BitClout People’: Listen

Miami based producer and DJ, JOOLIA, has released a new track titled ‘BitClout People’. For context, ‘BitClout People’ is a musical piece about the new social media called BitClout.

BitClout, a cryptocurrency platform designed to operate as a social network, mix of Twitter & Bitcoin. Users can use BitClout coins to buy a Creator’s Coin and watch its value change based on the creator’s popularity on the site. JOOLIA became one of the first musicians – creators who started using the platform and found a lot of advantages in creator’s tokenization. For example – the main 5 holders of JOOLIA coin was the first listeners of the track before the release – BitClout  helps artists to build the new kind of relationships with their audience & especially investors, it’s also a new way to monetize a following. Now JOOLIA coin is more then $ 1100, she is among top female creators and has more then 1700 folllowers  which is very cool result  for this network right now.

JOOLIA believes that future belongs to creators, and the economy of the future will be based on creators. The new track is an IDM experimental electronic track with delightful vocals and instrumentals. JOOLIA’s track is a message about the prominent and emerging forms of NFTs in today’s digital media age and the importance of changers in music monetization. The NFT series «BitClout People»by JOOLIA  comes out on the in May 2021.

JOOLIA’s  musical project started back in 2019, she is also part of a larger music project called Beverly Pills, which was founded in 2017, known for making electronic music, pop, and having double platinum status. Project JOOLIA has a much more underground setting, with sounds that vary from tech house, bass house, progressive house and IDM, JOOLIA plays as a DJ mostly in festivals, and nightclubs. This fresh, unique and brand new track from the artist is surely a piece to not miss out on, especially with the trends of NFTs and BitClout. Thanks to the rising interest of BitClout, the artist JOOLIA has seen her popularity rise lately as well, its new decentralized crypto social network and on a great hype as of now.

The artwork for the track ‘BitClout People’ is a short from “Bodies”, a project from artist Kirill Maksimchuk, which was exhibited in the Korean Museum of Modern Art.

Check out her new track on her Spotify below and don’t forget to follow JOOLIA through her Instagram, YouTube and Spotify channels.

Image Credit: JOOLIA (Press)