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Julian Jordan & Guy Arthur – The Making of ‘Let Me Be The One’ [Interview]

There is a real buzz surrounding Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS imprint right now with the Amsterdam-based label delivering consistently with insane releases. Championing upcoming talent, one of the latest releases on the label sees one of its longest serving artists collaborate with one of it’s most exciting prospects. The artists in question – the young Dutchman, Julian Jordan and his Polish counterpart Guy Arthur. Unleashing their first ever collaboration together, they’ve meticulously crafted an invigorating new future house anthem, ‘Let Me Be The One’, just in time for summer. 

Straying away from his usual bass house outfit, Julian Jordan strives to create something new with every production, and in working with Guy Arthur, ‘Let Me Be The One’ arrives as an innovative masterpiece. Their distinctive sonic profiles combine seamlessly, as shimmering vocals provide the glue for the melancholy piano-driven topline and rumbling bassline. Expect to hear this radio-friendly anthem on heavy rotation, as Jordan and Arthur aim to captivate fans who’ll be returning to the dancefloor in the near future.

The last 12 months have undoubtedly been quite challenging for both artists, who have likely had to find other means of keeping motivated and productive over lockdown. Working on ‘Let Me Be The One’ would have been a welcome distraction and has proven a sharp learning curve as we found out in an insightful interview with both contributors this month. Be sure to read on to learn more about the inspiration behind their blinding new track, how the collaboration came to be, and what their goals are for 2021.

Hey Julian, hey Guy! Great to speak with you both for the magazine this month. Leaving a difficult and strange 12 months behind, how have you both been and what are your main goals for 2021?

Julian: I’m actually doing pretty good. Of course this year was pretty challenging, but it also gave me some new opportunities. In 2019, I remember that I had no days off and never had a weekend at home. So when it became


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