No Judgement

Kölsch unveils stunning remix of Franky Rizardo and Joe Goddard’s ‘No Judgement’: Listen

Danish maestro Kölsch enchants again with his gift to manipulate melodies. This time he gives a remix treatment to the recently released track ‘No Judgement‘ by Franky Rizardo and Joe Goddard. Before we dive into the melodic sea with which Kölsch splashed this track, let’s briefly understand the curious context in which ‘No Judgement’ is born.

Charismatic DJ and music producer Danny Howard hosted a very original initiative on his Friday night show on BBC Radio 1. ‘Lockdown Link Up‘ was created to connect artists during this atypical and difficult year of isolation. Danny Howard randomly selected 16 duos who, during their time in isolation, collaborated on the production of a track. One of these selected pairs is composed by Franky Rizardo and Joe Goddard. The first is one of the big names in tech house, characterised by deep driving sounds. The second is a songwriter, music producer, DJ and member of the highly acclaimed Hot Chip. The result? A beautiful house tune. A rich composition that develops around an emotive vocal, displaying a crunchy bass and a melodic vibe. ‘No Judgement’ was recently released via FFRR, the same label that now hosts the stunning remix by Kölsch.

The Danish artist has always distinguished himself from others, and not only by the hat that often accompanies him. Kölsch has his own way of creating and performing music. Recognized mainly in the techno scene, the DJ and music producer has a very melodic and emotion-infused musical signature, always delivering musical productions overflowed with meaning.  Does he has the Midas touch? In a way, certainly.

Kölsch’s garnishing turns ‘No Judgement’ into a more trippy, spacey and atmospheric track. The incredible vocals come out unscathed, being given the well-deserved spotlight. Fuller and deeper than the original, this remix shines with the stirring elements that have been added to it. The melody surrounds and envelops us, while the percussion hypnotises. This remix of ‘No Judgement’ is beautiful, a fine example of Kölsch’s talent and how a melodic song can be spiced up with rhythm and seduction.

Ideally, you should be able to enjoy it on the dancefloor straight away, but while that’s not possible, listen to it wherever you like, at the highest volume:

Image credit: Flemming Bo Jensen