Le Petit Frenchy

Micronoise and Le Petit Frenchy release ‘Un été à la plage’: Listen

This summer 2021, Le Petit Frenchy is back with a brand new track release titled ‘Un été à la plage’, a collaboration with Micronoise, an ever rising star in the deep house world. The rising artist’s new collaborative track release is surely something you don’t want to miss. The record is out through JANGO RECORDS, an imprint who previously signed records from the likes of Carl Cox, Mitch B, Anthony Natale and many more.

Le Petit Frenchy certainly has the Midas Touch, and is someone who builds and builds upon his very successful releases. ‘Un été à la plage’ ticks all the boxes for music to have good vibes to: warm, deep and groovy house tune offering something different and unique. Indeed, the title ‘Un été à la plage’ meaning ‘Summer at the beach’ is quite appropriate, since you can already feel yourself there while you take a listen to the track. It could certainly fit in a wide range of sets from a beach house track, once again showing the artist’s quality in production and output. He will also show his talents next month, with a full DJ set YouTube livestream performance at the WAREHOUSE in Nantes

Listen to the new track on Spotify below, and pre-order the track on Beatport here!

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Image Credit: Le Petit Frenchy (via Facebook)