Nari & Milani - Atom

Nari & Milani classic ‘Atom’ turns 9 years old

When we say ‘golden era’, one track which will instantly come to the forefront of your mind is ‘Atom’ by Nari & Milani. The term loosely refers to a period between 2009-2014 (specifically 2010-2013) when ‘EDM’ rose in popularity across the world, becoming the new trending genre, with electronic hits peppering the commercial charts weekly, and taking over mainstream radio thanks to artists such as Avicii, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta. Another one of those acts who rose meteorically during this time was a group of Scandinavians (you may have heard of them), called the Swedish House Mafia. Monsieurs Axwell, Angello, and Ingrosso, dominated just about every arena across the globe during this time, culminating in an unforgettable night at New York‘s Madison Square Garden, and helped ‘Atom’ to rise into prominence. The explosive hit featured regularly in just about every SHM set during #OneLastTour, alongside staples such as ‘Here We Go‘ by Hard Rock Sofa, ‘Trio’ by ARTY x Matisse & Sadko, and ‘Walking Alone’ by Dirty South.

Becoming a massive anthem in just about every DJ set thereafter. ‘Atom’ dominated festival and club play throughout the golden period, thanks to a whopping drop, and hugely euphoric build which would maximise anticipation amongst the crowd. Released in 2012, at the peak of the golden era, it’s tough to believe that this bomb is now 9 years old, but it still sounds as fresh as ever! Unfortunately, Nari & Milani have not quite been able to replicate the same success since then, despite releasing fantastic anthems like ‘The Creeps 2016′ on iconic labels such as Musical Freedom. But it will always be ‘Atom’ that they’re most commonly associated with. You can check this one out below via the official video on YouTube, and let us know your favourite track from the golden EDM era across our social media channels!

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