NERO drop stunning edit for Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s classic ‘Relax’: Listen

Legendary electronic group NERO is back with another incredible remix. Having stunned fans with a return to the dance music scene following a two-year hiatus, and dropping their exclusive remix of Daft Punk‘s classic ‘Emotion, the Grammy Award-winning group deliver another track edit, this time adding more flavour to the 80s classic ‘Relax‘, a successful pop track created by renowned Liverpudlian band Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Debuting in the UK Top 40 in 1984, ‘Relax’ climbed the charts and claimed the number one position. Elsewhere around the world, the song ranked number one for the year on Los Angeles “alternative rock” station KROQ. It reportedly sold more than two million copies in the United Kingdom alone. Now, at the hands of the electronic trio – Dan Stephens, Joe Ray, and Alana Watson – ‘Relax (NERO Edit)‘ revives the classic pop song with an electric twist.

Available exclusively on Audius, the edit of ‘Relax’ channels the original track’s instantly recognisable vocals while doubling down on basslines and synth-layered melodies through the mid-section. The result? A revitalising and modern-day dance music hit that throws back to commercial success during the 80s. Definitely check this one out.

The ‘Relax (NERO Edit)‘ is the third track of five to get its release. Previous to this, Nero dropped their edit for Tame Impala‘s ‘Disciples’. This signals that there are now two more edits to be released – and you can bet that we are patiently waiting to hear them. In the meantime, check out the ‘Relax (NERO Edit)’ below and let us know what you think about this track. Will you be adding this one to your playlist? Don’t forget, to discover more great music like this, click here.

Image Credit: NERO (via Facebook)