Pendulum ‘Come Alive’ with energy-filled new single: Listen

It’s one of the singles that fans have been anticipating for a while now from Pendulum, and they’ve finally released the track ‘Come Alive’. Following behind their comeback double single ‘Driver’ and ‘Nothing For Free’, the band are all fired up and this new single proves it. Showing that they’re better than ever, they are once again on the path to world domination.

From the get go, ‘Come Alive’ proves to be a very strong, packs no punches type of track. On the heavier side, they make great use of electric guitars and hard-hitting drums, blurring the lines between rock and drum and bass. As always, Rob Swire is on vocal duty and his moody vocal style fits electrifyingly well with the style that goes with ‘Come Alive’. With an epic guitar riff that carries through the entire track, it is a single that transcends genres and shows us different parts to what Pendulum can do with their talents.

Also accompanying this track is a music video that will surely have us all missing live shows in their full capacity. Featuring footage taken from their Trinity headline performance at London festival South West 4 in 2019, it creates the perfect visual aid to being able to fully enjoy this song. You can watch the music video below.

Speaking of live shows, the band have also announced a London show at The Drumsheds on Friday August 13, alongside Hybrid Minds and DJ Fresh. Lasting from 3pm until 10:30pm, you can grab tickets right here. Before the show though, there’s a heap of new material to listen to and ‘Come Alive’ is now available for streaming here.


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