Porter Robinson & Mat Zo magical collaboration ‘Easy’ turns 9 years old

Some songs have marked history and some songs have marked our lives. The real magic happens when both coincide. If we reflect on progressive house gems that have carved a deep mark on dancefloors and in our memory, there’s one name that comes very ‘Easy’. Almost a decade ago, prodigies Porter Robinson and Mat Zo decided to combine their powers to bring to life a priceless piece of art. ‘Easy’ was, is and always will be an excellent specimen of what an uplifting, meaningful and progressive song should be.

Let’s go back in time to the legendary summer of 2013. This was undoubtedly a strong year for clubbing, filled with great dance anthems that were experienced internationally. All people wanted was to have a good time with their friends and listen to their favourite tunes on the dancefloor. And this wish was granted to all fans of Porter Robinson and Mat Zo. ‘Easy’ came along and immediately won over all the ravers, setting the charts and the clubs on fire. The term heavy rotation is well applied when we think of ‘Easy’ and 2013. That year saw the rise of Zedd with ‘Clarity‘, Avicii‘s groundbreaking ‘Wake Me Up‘ and the emergence of so many other names that are now monumental in the dance scene. Porter Robinson and Mat Zo were still reeling from the success of their adored singles ‘Language‘ and ‘The Sky‘ (respectively) when they shared with the world the result of their magical collaboration. Both were well off the mark in terms of creating anthems, but together they achieved something beautiful and important.

‘Easy’ was released on April 14, 2013, via Ministry of Sound and Anjunabeats and a month later it arrived in the United States by the hand of Astralwerks. The proliferation of this progressive house pearl started at position 28 on the UK Dance Charts and quickly became one of the most played tracks by fellow artists and most danced to by the legion of fans. Loving this track is easy, and you can understand why. Despite the four hands creation, the individual styles of the two producers are evident, and together they create a new and unique sound. Formally, ‘Easy’ has the repetitive patterning that you want progressive songs to have. The atmospheric sounds give it a more deep and melodic character that stirs our soul and heart. One of the highlights of this single is the vocals. The sample ‘Loving you is easy’ belongs to Colourblind‘s ‘Nothing Better‘ and is responsible for giving ‘Easy’ a boost of feeling. The lyrics can be interpreted as an affirmation or a question mark, but what is certain is that they arouse several emotions and invite reflection on love relationships. Far from being a typical love song, ‘Easy’ is a very cohesive composition, balanced and full of different amplitudes, making it even more danceable. The magic is cast by the short piano sequence, the soft melody and the filters that make the frequencies flow throughout the song. The sparkling synths and bass set the mood and show off the elegance of this production.


‘Easy’ has been interpreted by a few artists, including a new identity by Mat Zo, who, with the same DNA, later created ‘EZ‘.  Relive the magic of ‘Easy’ with its fantastic music video, which premiered about a month before the track’s official release. Produced by animation group The Line, this video encapsulates anime culture, which Porter Robinson and Mat Zo are no strangers to. Enjoy.

Image Credit: Mat Zo (via Facebook), Porter Robinson (via Facebook)