Porter Robinson breakthrough hit ‘Language’ turns 9 years old

On March 30, 2012, Porter Robinson uploaded a track to YouTube titled ‘Language’ before its official release for digital download on April 10, 2012. Ever since he uploaded the track (which features vocals from Heather Bright), it has become one of his most successful hits to date, and it now celebrates its 9th birthday.

Before the success of debut album ‘Worlds’ two years later in 2014, Porter Robinson was riding high off the success from ‘Language’. Unarguably a breakthrough hit, it gained him attention from the world’s charts. Climbing to the very top, it earned the first place on the UK Indie chart, going on to chart at third place on the UK Dance chart, fourth place in Scotland’s charts and seventh on Billboard’s US Dance/Mix Show Airplay. There was a time where you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it, and it represented a golden era of electronic music at that time. To date, it has well over 27 million Spotify plays and over 8 million views on the original YouTube audio.

Over the years, it has inspired many remixes, notably from JauzKayzo and Gammer. Along with those is a remix EP featuring instrumental, extended mix and UK version edits of the track. There’s no doubt that this track alone has inspired many producers over the years, and will live on in the hearts of all electronic music fans and Porter Robinson fans together. Always ensuring that it has a place in his sets, ‘Language’ has been one of the most special fan favourites for nearly a decade already.

Can you remember hearing ‘Language’ for the first time? Have you ever seen Porter Robinson play it live? Let us know, and relive the music video below.

Currently, Porter Robinson is gearing up for the release of his brand-new album ‘Nurture’, which comes out near the end of this month. More details can be found here.


Image Credit: Porter Robinson (via Facebook), Language (Album Cover)

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