Porter Robinson debuts Nurture Live in virtual performance [Watch]

On Saturday 24 April, Porter Robinson took to the virtual world for his second edition of digital festival Secret Sky, the virtual answer to his in-person festival Second Sky. Joined by a whole host of artists that he personally is a fan of such as REZZ, Boys Noize and more, Porter closed the festival with a very special performance: the first performance of his new show Nurture Live.

To celebrate the release of his second studio album (seven years after the release of his first album ‘Worlds’Nurture, not only did Porter Robinson get together a stellar lineup of rising stars and already established fan favourites, but his Nurture Live performance gave fans a taste of what to expect from when he begins to tour Nurture Live all over the world, much like with Worlds Live which dominated the electronic live events space for years and years.

Kicking off the show with mesmerising piano visuals before taking to the stage, it was instantly clear that visuals are still at the epicentre of his shows, and is something that he spends a lot of time creating and gathering (for the Worlds Live tour he spent two years prior compiling a mood board of visual art that looks ‘worlds-y’ to him to get inspired). Introducing himself to the stage, Porter sits at the piano and starts out with ‘Wind Tempos’ before blending seamlessly into ‘Something Comforting’, setting a gentle, dreamlike tone before bursting into the faster paced part of the track, raising energy levels instantly.

From this stellar intro, fans are met with big surprises along the way with mashups such as a VIP of ‘do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do’ and Nurture Live edits of ‘Musician’ and ‘Unfold’ but perhaps the biggest surprises came with the introductions of ‘Shelter’, the Madeon collaboration, and even ‘Worlds’ tracks like ‘Flicker’ and ‘Goodbye To A World’ which saw them get different versions fit for the new show. Rounding it all out with a live edit of ‘Look at the Sky’, we can guess confidently that this show will be nothing short of beautiful once the world gets to witness it in person.

Relive it down below, and sign up for Second Sky presale tickets here.

Image credit: Christopher Victorio for SF Weekly

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